FPSO official website

FPSO (First Person Shooter Organization) is a clan tag that plays First person shooter (FPS) games or other games in a competitive way. this includes but is not limited to Counter Strike: Global, Counter Strike: source and much more. we started out as FPSGCT (first person shooter gaming clan tag) and was originally for Xbox. FPSGCT was made by Earnestcastle11 and did not do good, so EarnestCastle11 reached out to a YouTuber named Thegameinwolf and asked for some help. lucky Thegameinwolf was nice enough  to help. from there they changed the name to GMCT ( Game Modding Clan tag) witch did not do so well so then changed it once more to the point it is now.


what are the requirements for joining FPSO

The requirements for Joining FPSO is:

  1. you must read, agree, and understand the rules located HERE (at the top of the page under FPSO)

  2. you must Submit a application to join. (see How do you join the FPSO for the link)

  3. you must be approved by your leader. If you don't have a leader click HERE, and contact one of them through steam

note: failure to comply with these requirements may result in decline of your application  to join FPSO!

How do you join the FPSO then

To join the FPSO you MUST READ THE REQUIREMENTS FOR JOINING THE FPSO and FOLLOW THEM ACCORDING SO! After do that then click HERE or goto https://www.fpsojfpso.net/fpso-join-application and fill out the application to you best ability.